Avon Harmony chorus was formed in 1975 by a small group of nine ladies. Officially known as the ‘Avon Harmony Barbershop Chorus’, the group is made up of ladies from all walks of life and backgrounds, though all with one common interest – making music and having fun!

The chorus has long been a member of the ‘Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers’ (LABBS). We regularly take part in their annual national competition for all the members of the organisation, and in our time have won four bronze and three silver medals. We have also taken part in many local music festivals and  over the years, and have regularly won our different classes. We continue to work hard to improve our standard of singing.

We are committed to entertaining as broad a cross section of the community as possible and take great pleasure in singing for the disabled and the elderly as well as a variety of other audiences. We have represented our City in Hanover and have sung at the Mansion House, by special request, to the Lord Mayor.

Our list of venues include places such as the Colston Hall in Bristol, and the World Wine fair as well as many of our local homes for the elderly. We have taken part in performances for charity, such as the 50th Anniversary of the Polio Foundation held at Longleat House and Safari Park, as well as organising and hosting our own shows.

Over the years many changes have taken place within the chorus. In 1994 we changed our name to Western Connection. At the end of 1997 we decided to return our old name, ‘The Avonbelles’, as it was recognised and remembered by so many people. The membership has fluctuated through the years but is rising steadily.  In  July 2010  our 35th anniversary to reflect our new image. it was decided to re-name the chorus from ‘The Avonbelles’  to ‘Avon Harmony’

We are always pleased to welcome new members, and if you would like to meet, and become friends with, a group of like-minded ladies who love to sing and laugh, then please come along and see what we do.