Alexander G de Bruin MSci

Alex has always been interested in music, and has played alto saxophone and baritone horn from a young age. His main musical background has been through classical orchestras and brass bands. Alex has been singing barbershop since secondary school, and had previous experience with school choirs, tackling challenging works such as the Carmina Burana and Mozart’s Requiem. Nowadays, Alex splits his singing time between his quartet, QuarteTones, The University of Bristol Barbershop Singers (in which he is both the President and the musical director of the ladies’ ensemble), and The Great Western Chorus of Bristol. Alex was privileged to be a member of the GWC for its gold medal winning performance in 2010, and has competed at international conventions twice. Being a scientist, Alex is, of course, a baritone, but enjoys singing all of the parts and likes to think he can sing up in the female range as well (but it’s not very nice).
Outside of music, Alex is a scientist, and is currently a PhD student at the Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials. Broadly speaking, he plays with lasers in an underground lab and will often be found with a cup of coffee mumbling incoherently about coefficients and theories named after dead European gentlemen.